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11 tried and tested marketing tips for solicitors’ firms

Having worked with solicitors’ firms times and times again, we all know how it works. You are super busy one second, and then the next you go quiet and realise you don’t have enough work to make up your monthly revenue goal, so you suddenly think, “Quick, we need to do something! Let’s sign up for all these networking meetings and call all these people we have last spoken to months ago and see if we catch something along the way”. I hear you thinking that last sentence! And, the truth is, you are pretty much the only one.

This brings me nicely to the marketing for solicitors’ firms manifesto. The 30-point plan that you should follow to get more business from your clients.

1. Always be prepared

Don’t be that company that knows all about your product but never has it ready to go. Remember, you are not just the products manufacturer, but also the developer, salesperson, rep, logistics team, etc. If you are not already, make it a habit to do a regular review of all your people, your kit and your systems. The solicitor marketing is often notoriously impatient.

2. Always be proactive

Not reactive. Always be proactive. Don’t wait for the next survey to report that business is down; keep them buying more and better and sell more. Don’t wait for the next client to call you; get it. One more call.

3. Always be on time

It should be in your trade and team handbook that you will be there on time and prepared to help. It’s just good business practice. In many firms, people wait around for you, and I believe this is a passive way to die. Not for you!

4. Be keen

Be keen to get involved with what’s happening around you. Attend events, get involved with new and different services. Be up to date with what’s happening in your market and in your market leader’s space. Seek to be on the front foot and ready to offer more.

5. Be available

You have no guarantee that the client you are about to meet will be available. So, be available. When you answer the phone, always ask, “Is this business or personal?” If it’s not, leave it to someone else to handle. As much as clients and clients’ associates like to spread the word about their referrals, remember you are not your client’s brand ambassador.

6. Be witty and positive

Some clients respond well to a phone call that could be best described as ‘annoying’. But, remember, others just want a straight answer. They want you to be honest with them. And, they want a sense of humour. I like it when a solicitor calls me up and simply says, “Can I be straight with you?”. I do.

7. Avoid jargon

Don’t use jargon.

I once heard a solicitor at an event introduce his work as “applications for damages and liens”. What? I thought. But no, this was not a problem for the client, who just smiled and said, “He always sounds like that”.

8. Don’t be a pain

You wouldn’t be offering your services to a client if you were a pain to deal with, so don’t be a pain.

9. Treat your clients like VIPs

How do you know if someone is a VIP? They don’t phone you up and start moaning and groaning about the price, they come with a beautiful gift or purchase, and they offer you a drink!

10. Choose your words carefully

Are you in the most expensive category? Are you trying to cut your fees? Your clients will listen to your tone and the way you phrase things and how they sound. Use the right language to create a clear and positive impression.

11. Be proactive, don’t reactive

The mantra of the 30-point plan, be proactive, is very important. Even if nothing dramatic is going on, it’s still your job to make sure that your clients are kept informed and your staff are constantly trained and updated.

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