Conveyancing Solicitors

Are all conveyancing solicitors the same?

This is not entirely true, as conveyancing solicitors have different skills and experience when it comes to residential and commercial conveyancing. Our legal team are able to advise you on the best conveyancing solicitor in Manchester for your requirements, and if you are interested in personal advice, it is also possible to contact a team member directly.

What is the cost of conveyancing solicitors?

As with every service, there are different costs depending on the service you choose. Conveyancing Solicitors There is a sliding scale based on the complexity of your transaction. The majority of our conveyancing solicitors charge on a hourly rate and will work in blocks of 20-30 minutes to meet your deadline.

What are the advantages of using Slater Heelis for conveyancing?

Slater Heelis is the only major conveyancing solicitor in Manchester that can legally accept gifts from the buyer towards the service fee.

Are there any special provisions when dealing with a property purchase in Manchester?

We will only be involved in residential conveyancing in Manchester for properties purchased in the city, and even in these circumstances we would usually require the property owner’s consent to be given. Therefore it is highly advisable that you engage with a solicitor who can offer you expert advice about property in the Manchester area.

Are you a Manchester property conveyancing solicitor?

Whether you are interested in entering into a mortgage and the process of buying a property in Manchester, or are looking to provide the service for residential and commercial properties in Manchester, please get in touch with the team at Slater Heelis and let us know what your requirements are, and we’ll do our best to suit your needs.

Get the best conveyancing experience in Manchester for the best price by speaking to a qualified legal and residential conveyancing solicitor, and compare different service providers to find the one that suits you. Find out more about conveyancing solicitors in Manchester by Conveyancing Solicitors calling the office.

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