DMCA Ignored Hosting


OutlawLauncher is the first hosted torrent site I looked at. It’s a fairly simple service, and it also boasts some interesting features, such as a fully featured privacy service (get hosted), forums, and other simple HTML5 and CSS3 web applications. The site also hosts mp3s and links to the official Bittorrent site.


A DMCA Ignored hosting service that had a nice feature is A. I’ve also been able to upload pictures and mp3s to A. The hosting is a bit more expensive than I would like (as is to be expected), but it seems to be a fairly cheap service that just does one thing. In terms of the protection of my site, nothing beats it. Of course, it’s not perfect either.

Some Of The Small Sites

Out there could host illegal content without any problem. I will look at other options as well, such as the size of hosting services and a few free torrent hosting services. The free host services aren’t exactly hidden, however, as I found a few that were pretty much advertised on their front page. The bigger issue here is that no one has uploaded illegal content to them and therefore they don’t have to worry about takedowns or bans.

Full service hosting

Full service hosting places you in control of your website, as you control everything on the server. This is a good option, but they have a reputation for occasionally taking down sites due to perceived offensive content, and they’ve had a few DMCA infringements in their own right.

Fully Hosted Torrents

Fully Hosted Torrents is a truly excellent host that offers free trials, great pricing, plenty of bandwidth, and very simple management. I’ve had a lot of success with this hosting company and have had some really amazing content hosted here.

I Don’t Use This Hosting

Because I can’t trust it with a site with as much traffic as UploadPlanet, but if you have a smaller site with a smaller user base, this is a fantastic host that will cost you a small amount more in hosting fees but will be a ton cheaper to run. They also offer SSD storage to reduce your website’s bandwidth bill. For that reason, I recommend using FHP.

G Hosting

The company behind G Hosting and HostBoost offers both free and paid hosting. While they claim that they won’t take down anything hosted on their servers, they also don’t offer free accounts on their shared servers to the average users. They do offer virtual private servers, though, that are completely legal.

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